Friday, 29 August 2014

Our most popular posts

Contributed by Farzana Rasheed

We have strived to maintain a blog since we started the company. The objective of the blog is to present a commentary and online-diary of our company. We want to chart our progress, our successes and day-to-day challenges of an IT company in Liberia. We want to come across as a group that is very passionate about delivering quality IT services in a challenging environment in Liberia. We are not afraid to talk about challenges and difficulties, either. 

It is difficult to post regularly since we are a small business and, not everyone has time to write about what they are doing. Our technical staff, brilliant and hardworking as they are, have been shy to express themselves and also have very little writing experience. Although they are the ones on ground and would be able to write highly interesting posts about what it is like to deliver IT service in Liberia, they struggle to find the time or confidence to write. 

But I do push my staff to write! Last year, writing an end-of-the year post was mandatory for all my staff before we closed shop for Christmas. 

I also try to enoucourage my business partner and Head of Operations to frequently put pen to paper. 

We have also had part time and temporary positions filled in our company. For instance, we had a Marketing Officer who used to come and work for us for three times a week. He often contributed with a post. That post was filled after his departure too but only briefly.  I've also had some English teachers who provided English writing lessons to our staff. One of them contributed a post.  

Once we have a new blog entry, we also post a link on our Facebook page.

As far as feedback is concerned, very few comments are posted on our blog. But  I notice that people do read our blog. I often get comments first hand from individuals. 

So, we need to keep writing. 

Here are some of our popular posts:

2) Xerox 7125 Work Centre Printer Error 010-333. It received 1,028 hits. 

3) Shipping News. It received 100 hits. 

4) Is XP extinct? It received 53 hits. 

6) There is a baby in the office! It received 73 hits. 

9)  Back to Liberia  It received 65 hits.

10) Sad Day It received 65 hits.

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