Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A Message from NATC

Contributed by Farzana Rasheed

See the message that was sent to all our clients and partners today via e-mail.  

Dear valued clients,

During this time of tragic crisis as the ebola epidemic has struck Liberia and the authorities are struggling to contain it, we at New Africa Technology Company (NATC) would like to say we are still here.

Haresh, our head of operations, was out of the country for about a month (late July to mid August) but has been back in the country since 17th of August. Farzana, our CEO, has been away on long holiday (family visit/surgery) with Baby Kavita but has had to extend her sojourn due to the crisis in Liberia.

NATC is observing the curfew and, ensuring its staff are safe and healthy to the best of its abilities.

We are here to respond to any queries for supplies and, requests for support.

We wish for the safety of all our clients, partners, staff, friends and indeed, all our fellow Liberians.


NATC Management Team

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