Friday, 16 January 2015

New NATC professional photo shoot takes place today

by Farzana Rasheed

We had a real fun photo shoot today. The photos were shot by none other than the amazing Shoana Clarke Solomon and her amazing team at Cachelle International. Shoana shot our office warming party back in 2012 and also did a professional company photo shoot the same year. 

We had been planning this photo shoot for quite some time. We prepared by whitewashing the whole office back in December.

Since the space is the same and the purpose of the shoot also remains the same, we brainstormed ideas on how to put a twist on it. We worked closely with Shoana to achieve a new look. 

For instance, for the individual head shots we posed with a placard with bearing the role we think we actually play at the company instead of just our official title. So instead of head of operations or CEO or head of IT we wrote down the deeper work we actually do. Some of the titles we came up with were: Visionary, IT Wizard, Problem Solver, and Deal Maker. 

These are behind-the-scenes photos taken by me. 

Regular office meeting except everyone is really dressed up.

And of course, Kavita also gets an individual shot. She is an
integral part of t
he company and comes to work every day. 

The Future

Keep it clean!

The Deal Maker

Problem Solver!

Lorpu in her beautiful dress is the Office Manager.

Sayleh, Shoana's 2-year old daughter, came to play with
Kavita w
hile Shoana did the photo shoot. Same age as Kavita
h the girls played together. Unfortunately, bouncing girls
make for a fuzzy p

Shoana at work

Frank is the In Provider!

I think the Best Dressed award needs to go to Emmanuel who
really made an effort wit
his outfit. 

Watch this space for the professional pictures which should arrive in a week's time. 

The photos will be used to update our website, used on social media, update our profile photos on our Linked In accounts and so on. Most importantly we use our group photos on all our proposals. In this day and age of social media and online presence, professional photography is not just important important but necessary. 

Thanks to Shoana for being patient and creative. It is wonderful to see a professional at work, get the best of out of the subjects she is shooting, and work so smoothly and effortlessly.