Sunday, 6 July 2014

Scanner Error 30.03.45 in HP M525 DN Laserjet Monochrome Multi-Function Printer

Contributed by Haresh Karamchandani

We got an order from the Liberia Electricity Corporation after a successful competitive tender process to supply 7 pcs of HP M525DN MFP’s.

The printers were imported from source in the USA and we supplied them to the client. It was agreed in our proposal that we would supply and install the printers.

We fixed a date with the client and proceeded to go and install the machines and designated offices in their multi storied building.

We unpacked the printers one by one and got down to installing them. Six machines were installed with no problems and tested by the client. One was reading a Fatal Scanner Error Code 30.03.45 after we would start it up. The notification was: Restart the machine and if the error persists contact HP Tech Support.

We decided to bring back the machine to our Lab for further diagnostics.

The DC Board was switched to see if this was the problem but it still gave the same error. 

Then we suspected that the problem may have been caused due to damage to the scanner assembly and got down to getting a new scanner assembly from HP under the warranty arrangements. HP tech support said that before they send the replacement scanner they would like to do some troubleshooting with us.

We called up HP tech support and they asked us to do the following troubleshooting:

  1. Start the printer. 
  2. Hide the error message.
  3. Go into Administration>Reports>Configuration/Status pages>Configuration page>Print page
  4. The printer was able to print out the configuration page.
  5. Then the HP Technician advised that we download the Firmware from:>support>Enter product name which is M525dn>One match found, click on the match>Select Cross Operating System(BIOS, Firmware, Diagnostics etc)>Download Firmware>Download the 134.2MB firmware>After downloading the firmware, Extract the files and save on a blank USB stick> Insert the USB stick into the USB port, located on the left side of the screen panel>Click on Device Maintenance>USB Firmware Upgrade.
  6. Sit back, have a coffee, relax.
  7. The machine will automatically upgrade the firmware and it will restart 3-4 times during the process.
  8. Finally after the process is completed, the machine comes on without the error message!!
  9. The machine has been tested and it can print copy scan as usual.

We have packed the machine back into its box and will have it delivered and installed at the client site immediately.

Thanks to HP Tech Support!