Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Here are some of the customised cards we got made by Richard (a student at Stella Maris Polytechnic) for our clients: 

What an idyllic setting - sitting under a tree and doing your e-mails!

Green envelopes to go with the colour of our logo.

What an idyllic setting - surfing Facebook under a palm tree.

It's a bit like a Chinese landscape - small human beings  almost un detected  amongst trees and mountains.
This is a picture of a guy chilling in the forest working on his laptop - I wonder who is his ISP? 

The V-SAT on the Palava Hut! We had this concept featured in last year's Greeting Cards as well. We love it! 

Thursday, 9 December 2010

My name is Cecelia Cooper and I work at NATC

Contributed by Cecelia Cooper

Group photo: that's me in the lower left hand corner
 in the yellow and purple shirt. 

I am Miss Cecelia Cooper. I was born unto the union of Miss Sarah W. Wah and Mr. David D. Cooper in Maryland County the 26 of July 1987.

I am a high school graduate from the Lamco Area School (LASS) in Yekepa, Nimba County. During my high school days I always told my mother that I will become a nurse in the future. I worked with IRC as a community Peer Educator from 2004-2007. I also worked with Liberia Institute of Statistic and Geo-Information Service (LISGIS) in Gbarnga as a field Enumerator.

I came to Monrovia 2009 to run after my education but due to my parental background and the death of my father I was unable to enter school. As God could have it I heard that there was an IT company in Monrovia on Randall Street training young Liberians to become an IT technician so I decided to apply for the training through the grace of God I was successful and that’s how I started my training.  Presently I’m a trainee in the company. I have achieved a lot from the company and praying to learn more to become a professional IT technician in this company.

Here are some lists of what all I have learned as a trainee:
  • The basic components that make up the computer system
  • Installation of Windows XP
  • Windows system maintenance
  • Extension of local area network and designing it etc
Some of the projects and every task I have been involved in are making sure that the office tools are in proper order and shutting down all the machines before going home.

I have been trained directly by the IT supervisor. My favorite project or job so far is Extension of local area network and designing it for the clients. I have interacted with many different clients. Among all the clients I have interacted with I learn a lot from big mining corporations because they always put safety first at their job site and how a technician should conduct their selves on any client’s site.

I enjoy working at an office because it teaches you how to organize your job and meeting your customers to please them when ever you are doing a job. The value of team work is that, it helps to spread up the job faster and encourage your customers that you are ready for any work any time they call upon you as a technician to solve their problem on site. I can say I’m a professional. Some of the key elements of being a professional are time management, keeping your profession away from personal life, expression, presentation (dress code).

In the future I would to like to take the responsibilities of extending a local area network and designing it for our clients.

I pray for long life to learn more in order to do a better and professional job for this company.

My name is Onesimus Borkuah and I work at NATC

Contributed by Onesimus Borkuah

Warmest greetings to all!

My name is G-Onesimus K. Borkuah, a young gentleman (18yrs., 6”2') in pursuit of the highest certificate or degree in networking/communications. After my graduation from high school (October 4, 2009), I planned on studying to become a pilot but due to the poor infrastructural development in my country so I had a quick plan with the help of my parents. Since I was home tutored in the basics of computer science and had the passion of exploring new features of technology, I decided to perfect that passion by getting more practical trainings in networking.

While I was in search of suitable and convenient college, work or training center, I was told about the New Liberia Technology Company (NLTC) currently New Africa Technology Company (NATC).

I started up as a trainee at this company and have made a year and two months here now. Wit h my little/no skill in IT at the time, I first started my training on the basic hardware components of a computer (the Hard Drive, RAM, Processor, Power Supply, etc...), knowing their functions and how they work together to the use of the end users. 

One of the most fascinating things I like about this company is their interest, use and promotion of Open Source (Linux); thus far, I have learned how to operate and maintain the Linux systems: File Sharing Server, Firewall (Smooth Wall Express). The way networking jobs are carried out in this company is one of a kind I have ever seen- channels/conduits layout, data cabling and termination, configuration of switches and routers (Cisco Systems) and the design/setup of equipment racks.

Lately, I have been involved with local and wide area networking (which I enjoy being on because they carry a different trend every time there is a new project and they help broaden your mind to more designing strategies).

Talking about clients? The most clients I have enjoyed interacting with are the mining companies and international organisations. The mining companies we deal with provide all the necessary safety equipments just to make sure you are 100%+ safe on the job. As for finance, just make them happy with what we do or satisfy their networking needs; you'll get paid without delay! With the interntional organisations, the always encourage our new ideas that we bring up to help with scrutinize their network infrastructure.

I feel that I have been trained here indirectly because I always get to learn and explore new problems on site and resolve them; and I prefer learning both directly and indirectly. I have learned good team work which requires a lot of time and efforts to speed up and meet the scope of a particular project.

Professionalism is one of the key values one should possess when working in an office; that is, one should be punctual, always abiding by the rules/dos and don't s of the company, well attired, etc... I have always worked my best out to be professional and now I can boast of this character (that I am professional)!

I hope for more years with this company in the areas of like Wide Area Networking (WAN) and the building of more Linux Servers and Firewalls. And also for more responsibilities in these areas.

* Life is sacred, that is to say, it is the supreme value to which all other values are subordinate* -The Wisdom of Einstein-

Saturday, 20 November 2010

A Digital Green Africa

We have finally selected a logo design for NATC. 

It is a digital green Africa with NATC spelled across it in our four website colours (Purple, Green, Orange and Yellow):

If a perfect logo conveys a clear vision, ours is a digital green Africa. 

Let us imagine a technologically advanced and green Africa. 

We are already on our way! 

Friday, 19 November 2010

New Product: the Meraki MR58

Contributed by Onesimus Borkuah
NATC wishes to inform you of the latest technology and equipment it has been working with over the past months: the “Meraki MR58 Outdoor Wireless Access Point.”
Here are some experiences of two of our staffs (Onesimus and Jonathan) have had whilst working with this device on a client site:

The MR58 provides high speed wireless coverage to large areas quickly, easily and cost effectively.

It also has a friendly graphical-user interface dashboard on the product site: that allows the network administrator to create an account for his/her Meraki network, registering his/her product on that network (using the serial number) and configuring it for his/her preferred use.

Whilst studying the product carefully to meet the needs of our customer, we observed the following:

1.      For better encryption and design of your network, the MR58 has basically three unique ways of encrypting/securing and designing it:

i.                    A “splash screen” appears whenever a user has logged on wirelessly, giving him/her a local access for a short time until he can launch a web browser, read the designed content and then accept to browse the internet.
ii.                  A “dashboard” appears, similar to the splash screen that allows each user to log on using their username and password given to them by their network administrator.
iii.                You can also monitor your network from anywhere in the world to know who’s using how much of a speed once you have access to the internet and you’ve created an account on the meraki dashboard. And it's all for FREE!

2.      Any other device (i.e Linksys or D-Link), not a brand of Meraki product, can connect to the “Ethernet” port of the MR58 Access Point for better extension of the wireless indoors. 

3.      With the help of third-party sector antennas (We used the ARC-PA5823B01), you can boost your signal to get a larger coverage area. The ARC flat panel we used had a range of  2.4GHz-5.0GHz.

      This is the kind of deployment we used (image from the Meraki website):

This equipment was used on a mining camp in the south-eastern part of Liberia to enable better internet (wired/wireless) for employees on the camp site.

It worked very beautifully within that region with less worries!

Here are a few pictures of us at work:

We would also like to state that we had an excellent support from the team at Meraki all the way in California while this deployment was going on! Thanks, guys!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Designing the company website

Commissioning of the company website was an interesting project. We decided to work with a family member in Karachi, Pakistan with whom we are interested in forging a long-term business relationship. It really is nice to be able to work with people you want and choose your partners. 

We really wanted a very fresh-looking and funky website. The colours are vibrant or as a friend said, "It looks like candy!". The images are of our staff with big welcoming smiles. A professional photographer was hired for a day to take pictures of our young and energetic staff. We were very happy with the results. Our office is painted in yellow and that on the day of the shoot, it was particularly sunny giving the photographs a warm glow. 

As for the design of the website, the basic layout was decided upon early on. It was the little details that took a long time to finalise given the 5-hour time difference between Liberia and Pakistan. Scores of e-mails were sent back and forth and, a few telephone calls had to be made as well. I also sent the various drafts to friends for instant feedback and my friends were extremely helpful. 

I was not very happy with boring fonts like New Times Roman or Arial for the basic text. But if you notice, almost all websites use this basic font. I guess I wanted to be different and edgy. My graphic designer friend recommended looking up fonts on It is an amazing resource. After experimenting with a lot of fonts, we decided to do was to put in a very retro-looking font for the main text. It basically looks like a type-writer font. 

We also used a graphic font that is entitled 'Africain' to give an African-looking aesthetic sense. It needs a bit of tweaking but so far it looks good. 

I really wanted something like the one below but the geek font does not seem to upload on our website so we just have to stick with the one above. 

I think the website is more or less final. We have achieved our goal which was to have an online presence and project a certain image. 

What was the feedback like? 

We received a great response and people like our funky website. The response to the type-writer font is mixed, though. Some people love it, others hate it. Here is my favourite response to the typewriter font. 

"Yes, it is true that the font is different, but I think it still works. If it was more extreme, then it could affect the perception of seriousness of the company, but I think this one is within the limits, and it shows freshness and a young spirit. I guess it is subjective and when you try to be different there is always risk. It worked for me!"

The best part is that we have two websites already in the pipeline for our clients. I can safely say the website was a success! 

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Which L-O-G-O?

Now that we have a new website, a change in name and a clearer overall business direction, we need a new logo. 

A logo is as important as a website for our company's image, perhaps even more so. A customer will not visit our website every day but will certainly be seeing our logo much more frequently. A logo appears on paper work such as invoices and proposals, on ID cards and business cards as well. Given its close association in all our communication to our customers and even the wider public, I need to have a sharp, funky and highly 'talkative' logo.

If you look at well-known logos, you realise they are instantly recognisable and effective because they are quite simple. Hence, we need a 'talkative' logo that can convey a lot about the company it represents. In the words of my friend who also has her own business, the logo needs to work across our "marketing collateral."  

We were fortunate enough to get help on logos from a friend who is a graphic designer and has generously given a lot of her energy and time. We also commissioned some logo ideas from a graphic designer in India. 

Here is their hard work and creativity:

Sunday, 31 October 2010

New company website

NATC now has a company website at 

A website is important for our professional image especially because we are a services company. 

Our website aims to present an organisation that is staffed by a professional and friendly team of IT technicians who can provide premier-quality service at the right price. 

Our website contains information on our key technology areas, our values and the sectors we have worked in. 

It also provides contact details. 

We also have a link to our Facebook and Company Blog pages on our website.  

Please visit our website, blog and Facebook pages and let us know what you think! 

If you need your company website done, let us know. 

Monday, 18 October 2010

Welcome to the official New Africa Technology Company Blog

Group Photo of New Afri Tech Staff

New Africa Technology Company (NATC) is an Information Technology Company headquartered in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa. Our company is comprised of mostly local IT technicians who deliver efficient and logical solutions at competitive prices. 

The company is headed by the CEO Ms. Farzana Rasheed. 

Previously known as New Liberia Technology Company (NLTC), we have gone through a series of changes including change in name, hiring of new staff, and commissioning a new company website. We have also created a Facebook Fan Page and will probably create an Twitter account, too. Why not. 

So we are putting ourselves out there. If you are in Liberia and need IT, please contact us!