Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Norton Vs Kaspersky: Who Wins the Anti-Virus Fight?

I had clients asking me “Which one is a better anti-virus software, Norton or Kasperky?” That is a tough question; mostly because I am not a computer security expert  I know that some people have personal preferences for one over another, but I had never received any empirical/clear explanation on this.

So I decided to spend some time searching for answers on Google, checking dozens of different forums/websites/specialized magazines. I came up with two answers:

  1. Both of them are excellent softwares: They do the job pretty well at defending your computer against spyware, virus, Trojan, malware and adware. They regularly update themselves and have reliable customer support services.
  2. Norton = mother; Kaspersky = soldier. Norton constantly reminds you of things you do not necessarily want to do at that time, but that are necessary evils. Sounds like a good mother to me, but that can be annoying now and again. Kaspersky is different: it will ask you for instructions the first time you install it and will be pretty much autonomous, only concerned by completing its mission. Sir, yes Sir. However it means that over time it will make decision by itself on what is best for your security. So if you want to have a 100% control on your machine, that might not be for you.
So the main difference between the two softwares is mostly philosophical. That means you need to think about the type of user you are and what you expect from your anti-virus before making a decision. Or you can talk to NATC and we find what is better for you and your company.

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