Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Xerox 7125 Work Centre Printer Error 010-333

Xerox 7125 Work Centre Printer Error 010-333 – By Tauseef Ahmad

We imported and supplied 2 pcs of Xerox Printers to a high profile client recently.

These machines were 110v as they were imported from the USA and therefore we purchased 2000W Step-up/Step-down transformers from the local market and informed the client to plug in the machines through the transformers since the Liberian Electricity grid is on 220v.

A few days later we got a call from the client complaining that both the machines were not working and was showing error code 010-333.

We asked the client to send the machines to our workshop for diagnostics and repairs.

We realised that this error code is caused when the fuser detects an abnormal temperature (overheats). The machine automatically shuts down and shows error code 010-333 on start-up.

Solution: The first thing that should be done is resolve the root cause of the problem. We realised that the 2000W step-up/step-down transformer was not big enough to handle this machine. We decided to get a 5000W transformer in replacement. This is how we ascertained this:

Power (Watts) = I (current) x E (Voltage). In our case current is 220v and the machine is a 15A machine. Therefore going by this we would require220x15 = 3300W minimum power for this machine. We were using only 2000W earlier which caused the problem. The 5000W would be more than enough in this case.

Now that we have resolved the root cause the next thing to do is to reset the NVM on the machine. These are the steps to follow:

1) Turn on power to the Xerox machine 
2) After it boots completely, press and hold the “0” button on the
machine’s keypad for about 5 seconds, then while keeping the “0”
button pressed, press on the “start” button. 
3) A splash screen appears where you have to enter the CE
passcode and Maintenance passcode. The default CE passcode is 6789 and the default Maintenance passcode is 1111. (In case you have changed the passcode earlier then use the changed passcode for maintenance.)
4) Then press Machine Status>Tools>Features>Maintenance/ Diagnostics> NVM Read/Write>Chain Link> 744-248>Current Value> If other than 0 then change to 0 and SAVE!

The machine reboots automatically and the error should disappear and the machine should work normally. In case this does not work then the fuser needs to be replaced.


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  2. Great! It works also on Xerox 7120, i was the same problem and manged it.

  3. I'm living in Jamaica and have a Xerox 7120 and it's not Booting, and whenever I try to switch it of it won't switch of, I have to use the main power switch to shut it down. Can anyone help me find the problem

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