Monday, 5 August 2013

Sad Day

Naomi wither daughter Roshel at the NLTC office, September 2009

NATC would like to inform its readers with a very heavy heart that Naomi Zeinabu Meh passed away on Friday, 2 August. 

Naomi was suffering from a cancerous tumour which ruptured and, finally took her life. A bright and unforgettable personality, Naomi had been battling this disease and TB for several years. During this time, she even had her leg amputated at Firestone Hospital. Still, she struggled to fight her illness, live with the loss of a limb and take care of her little daughter, all the while also dealing with a difficult marriage. She was separated and, was constantly fighting to receive alimony from her estranged husband. 

We know Naomi since she worked at NATC's predecessor, NLTC. We witnessed her suffering and, decided to help her out. 

We financed her trip to India for diagnosis and treatment. We blogged about her stay in India and, wrote an update Update on Naomi Meh - "Help NATC Save a Life" when she came to back to Liberia. 

We wish we could have done more to help her and, had the financial resources at our disposal to send her back to India for a second round of treatment. We feel helpless and full of grief at how much she suffered in life and, lost her battle to disease, leaving behind her daughter. 

Living and working in a poor country like Liberia where medical care is at such a pitiful state that one feels the average Liberian stands no chance if hurt or ill. Cancer, if detected early, can be treated but where is the hope in Liberia where hospitals and clinics are not fully equipped or staffed? 

Company blogs are meant to be upbeat and positive but today we are full of sorrow. May her soul rest in peace. 

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  1. Its very sad when you loose someone you try very hard to help. My deepest sympathy for your loss and to her family.
    - Sando