Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Installing Quickbooks Premier 2016 on Mac?

by Haresh Karamchandani

Image from: link.

We got a call from a client to install Quickbooks Premier 2016 on 5 computers. After installation of the Quickbooks software the client wanted to be able to back up the QB data on the networked server. 

That was not a problem at all. We paid for and downloaded the 590 MB QB software on an external drive and proceeded the next day to carry out the installation.

After installing on 4 windows computers we were told that the 5th computer was a MacBook Pro!!??!!

We knew that the QB Premier 2016 version we had was meant to work only on Windows OS and therefore we had to think of a solution for it to work on the MacBook.

The client sought advice from his IT specialist in Washington and was told that there is no tested solution and that he should purchase a new Windows PC for himself in order to access QuickBooks.

We were not satisfied with this advice and decided to call up QuickBooks tech support for a solution.
Enter, “Windows Parallels”. 

This software from Windows costs US $ 79.99 and when installed on a MacBook computer, allows one to load Windows compatible software’s on a Mac. 

We loaded the Windows Parallels software on the MacBook, and then loaded Windows 7 Pro OS on the MacBook. 

Then we loaded the QB Premier 2016 on the windows 7 platform and the client is able to switch between Windows OS and Mac OS without restarting his machine.

He can also backup and access the QuickBooks information and data on the Network Server from his Mac.

One more happy client.

Thursday, 7 January 2016


Harmattan came quite early.  In fact, there have been concerns in Ivory Coast that the unusual timing of the Harmattan winds would adversely affect the cocoa crops.

For the past couple of days, we have started feeling cool Harmattan winds and, rain! This is highly unusual.

See some photographs of a wet Monrovia in January.

Long view of Center Street

Traffic pile up on Benson Street
Camp Johnson Road

The sun breaking out in the evening on South Beach

Monday, 28 December 2015

Secret Santa

by Farzana Rasheed

Like we do every year, we exchanged gifts this year. It was indeed wonderful to know who our Secret Santa was and, how much thought and care went into getting gifts for each other. After yet another hectic and challenging year, it is wonderful to come together as a team and celebrate the end-of-year season.

I must say all of us very surprised indeed.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

End of year blog post

Working with the NATC family has been a great experience so far. 

I started working with NATC since September 21 2015 through the Mercy corps Apprenticeship program. The position I occupy is an IT trainee and being a trainee I have learn lot of new things like crimping of network cables, color coding, printers and computer maintenance, antivirus installation, and many other things. I also had the opportunity to work and learn more about printers repair, some hardware parts, LIFI and SOLU Technology.

I have also been going on site with senior staff to do some work.

This year its has been Great.
Thanks to the NATC Family .
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Rita J Gailor


Hey Everyone!

I am pleased and very excited to come to the end of this year and hundred percent confident of a better and brighter future here with New Africa Technology Company. The backbone of my career and I am proud to say.

Over the year, I have had many challenges and there was always a solution.

Let me share with you a recent one I faced on one of our clients site out of Monrovia. Precisely in Sanniquellie, Nimba County, Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Field office.

After installing eScan Anti-Virus on (16) sixteen pieces of laptops and maintained 4 printers, one out of four printers, there came my challenge. I powered on the printer (Canon MF 4350D) and started to receive error code E225.

I opened up the printer and removed every single important part out for checking and noticed the scanner glass of the printer wasn’t positioned correctly. Apparently it had fallen or tampered with by another technician who could not figure out the problem. I removed the glass out, properly clean and repositioned it. Turn on the printer, the error code was gone! The display screen was shown ‘’Ready to Print”. Did a test print using the (ADF) Automatic Document Feeder and the glass to make sure all was okay.

As we come to the end of this year, I am again pleased to congratulate every staff of NATC on their endless and tireless contribution towards making this year a success. And to our beloved and valued customers, blog readers, we at NATC care and we are here to stay!

Wish you all a very happy Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Daniel Collins 

End of Year Blog Post: My First Lock

My name is Jonathan Barwon, I have been working for New Africa Technology Company for the past 5 years as Head of IT.

I have achieved so many things on the job and as head of IT. Most of my achievement was on the jobs; now I can install a V-SAT link,  I did not go for any training but was able to get all of these experience on the jobs as Head Of IT and by telling myself that what other can do I can do it and even do more.

One of the Major or greatest achievement for this year, was to know how to setup and install a V-SAT Link, and not all also I learn how to configure an iDirect X3 Modem.
I got this achievement after two visits on site with a V-SAT Technician Specialist who I was watching or looking at during his installation.

On the 3rd of December 2015 I was send to Cestos alone to a client site to setup a V-SAT link there, that was where I achieved my first lock, it was not easy to get this lock, because I did not have any working tools on site with me like GPRS and spectrum analyzer meter to locate the Satellite which was NSS10. By the way of “isite” software on my laptop, I was able to locate the Satellite and I was able to get lock. I did not get the link up and running due to a problem from the ISP Skyvision, I was told by the Skyvision technician that they were able to see my transmission but the modem was not entering their network, they told me that the problem was from the BUC, I needed to change the BUC. A communication was sent to my office updating on the problem.  A Technician was sent on site to me long with a new 3 watts BUC, but we did not replace the BUC as we were told, after the technician that was sent to me by my office checked what all I did, he asked me to call back the ISP to check from their end. After some test that was carry on by the ISP we got to know that the issue was due to some configuration problem from their end. After the ISP change their configuration the link became active.

With this experience and achievement and all the tools available to me I can now install or setup any V-SAT link.

Yes, I still have more to learn on setting-up a V-SAT link, but I am so happy for this achievement for this year and more to achievement in the coming years.