Monday, 31 July 2017

Afriland Bank server installation

We supplied an HP ProLiant Server for one of our clients, Afriland First Bank Liberia. In a few days the, the client request that we (NATC) come over and do the installation of the software (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard). I arranged my software quickly and stop by at the bank. My arrival was announced to the IT department but unfortunately, the IT Manager had left the bank. He instructed that I deliver the software (OS) to any of his colleagues of his department. The next day on my way to work I got a call from my boss saying ‘’ Daniel, the bank have some issues with the installation of the server operating system (OS). You need to pass by and see what’s the problem is and have it resolved as soon as possible!’’ He also shared the error message with me on our WhatsApp channel, as it is one of the easier and smooth ways the team works and communicate with each other these days, very interesting!

Well, below was the error message of the server shown during shutdown. This error does not occur on a “warm” restart of the server. It only occurs during shutdown. I quickly continue my journey to my office, downloaded the needful, went back to client site, and updated the firmware in resolving the problem.

If you may have experience such problem after installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 Standard in your server environment, there’s no need changing your OS/ operating system  or server brand. A firmware upgrade is required. Download the firmware of the exact brand and OS to save yourself the stress by clicking the link below.
Prepared by:
Daniel W. Collins
Senior IT Technician
New Africa Technology Company (NATC)

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Peace to all the tech lovers in Monrovia and beyond! ✌️

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Peace to all the tech lovers in Monrovia and beyond! ☮️✌️