Friday, 28 February 2014

Back to Liberia

Luca Bai Varaschini was born in Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount County, in 1963.

His father was Medical Director of St. Timothy's Hospital, and his mother taught French at the Governement High School. Luca and his siblings grew up on the shores of Lake Piso until the family returned to Italy, in 1972.

In 2009 he came back for a month, and decided to plan a relocation. 5 years later, this is happening.

Luca met Farzana and Haresh while wandering down Randall Street during one of his first explorations of Monrovia, when he recognized the company's logo on the signboard; he had learnt of them when he was collecting information on the new liberian businesses, and identified them as a reliable company in case of IT problems and, mostly, he had appreciated the feeling of a family that came from the company's blog. Lastly, he was curious to see the baby, and meet the happy parents!

Empathy grew immediately, and professional interest as well.

"Being a graphic designer, I feel my skills could be useful on the scene of Liberia's recovering economy. In Milan, Italy, I've worked for the major publishing companies, as well as freelancing in the domains of branding and commercial communication; Liberian companies and agencies need to consolidate their identity, and transmit a solid image of themselves, while the Nation is doing so on both the internal and international levels. There is no reason to wait, nor to be satisfied with casual, unprofessional logos, house organs, signs and merchandising. Graphic design can provide that sense of pride which, along with the substantial progress made on the markets, can open new oportunities. On the larger scale, I hope to participate in the reshaping of the country's national branding, the love of which has never left me in these years.

The opportunity to work with New Africa Technology Company is an unique one, as the company is so similiar to many of those I've worked with in Italy; a clean and relaxing workplace where i know I'll be assisted, might any tech issue emerge (I do feel to be more an artist of some sort, rather than a computer geek).

As a fact, I basically work with digital tools, starting from the Internet; knowing I can rely on a fast and stable optic connection really changes my perspectives, in a country still adapting to the novelty of worldwide exchanges."

Luca will be based in NATC's Offices, and together they will be offering Graphic Consultancy on the Liberian market. When free from work, he'll quite surely be running to his beloved birthplace, Robertsport, where he dreams to find a house on the lake to fix for his friends and relatives to come and visit from Italy and beyond.

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