Wednesday, 23 December 2015

End of Year Blog Post: My First Lock

My name is Jonathan Barwon, I have been working for New Africa Technology Company for the past 5 years as Head of IT.

I have achieved so many things on the job and as head of IT. Most of my achievement was on the jobs; now I can install a V-SAT link,  I did not go for any training but was able to get all of these experience on the jobs as Head Of IT and by telling myself that what other can do I can do it and even do more.

One of the Major or greatest achievement for this year, was to know how to setup and install a V-SAT Link, and not all also I learn how to configure an iDirect X3 Modem.
I got this achievement after two visits on site with a V-SAT Technician Specialist who I was watching or looking at during his installation.

On the 3rd of December 2015 I was send to Cestos alone to a client site to setup a V-SAT link there, that was where I achieved my first lock, it was not easy to get this lock, because I did not have any working tools on site with me like GPRS and spectrum analyzer meter to locate the Satellite which was NSS10. By the way of “isite” software on my laptop, I was able to locate the Satellite and I was able to get lock. I did not get the link up and running due to a problem from the ISP Skyvision, I was told by the Skyvision technician that they were able to see my transmission but the modem was not entering their network, they told me that the problem was from the BUC, I needed to change the BUC. A communication was sent to my office updating on the problem.  A Technician was sent on site to me long with a new 3 watts BUC, but we did not replace the BUC as we were told, after the technician that was sent to me by my office checked what all I did, he asked me to call back the ISP to check from their end. After some test that was carry on by the ISP we got to know that the issue was due to some configuration problem from their end. After the ISP change their configuration the link became active.

With this experience and achievement and all the tools available to me I can now install or setup any V-SAT link.

Yes, I still have more to learn on setting-up a V-SAT link, but I am so happy for this achievement for this year and more to achievement in the coming years.


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