Wednesday, 23 December 2015

End of year blog post

By Lee Flomo

Left to right: Emmanuel Jacobs, Me, Kavita Karamchandani, and Musu Freeman

God help me please. What I'm I gonna do. I have never worked in an office before. Am I gonna fit in at all. They are running a business not a school, how do I expect to learn in such a place. These and many other questions filled my mind during my first day of internship at the New Africa Technology Company. 

Being a student of electronics my sole aim of coming to NATC was to acquire some knowledge in Information Technology.  The New Africa Technology Company has given me this and even more. So massive has been their impact but I'm gonna talk about just a few.  They have taught me office ethics.  Before coming here I did not know how to speak, dress or act in an office.  I have also gotten some knowledge (though not mastered yet) on maintaining various  hardwares like PCs, printers etc. I never knew what a V-SAT was before coming here but thanks to NATC I participated in the dismantling of one which definitely give me an idea of how the installation may be. I have also participated in a networking project which enabled me to learn so much  I have also learned many things that are not I.T related. Though I have erred many times but every error has only been an opportunity to learn something new from my bosses.

I have been on a few jobs since my coming to NATC. Of course  I work mostly in the office but I sometimes get chances to go on site.  I went to Grand Gedeh County to aid in uninstalling a V-SAT which was interesting. But by some distance my most interesting job came just recently. The networking job at social impact wasn't just interesting but it gave me a chance to see some challenges I would face should I suceed In being a technician. It was just too educative and I'm grateful to NATC's Head of Operations for including me on the team. It was the first job that I can actually say I was part of the solution because I participated in nearly every action. 

Next year my aim is to make NATC a better I.T. company. I hope to do so by learning more which would enable me to do my best on every job. I thank my bosses for the patience they exercised with me over the month and I wish everyone at NATC a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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