Saturday, 16 July 2011

We have 1,478 hits on our blog!

Contributed by Farzana Rasheed

Today we decided to take out our calculator and see what the stats look like. And behold, ladies and gentlemen, we have 1,478 hits on our company blog. Yay!

And, we have 5 followers, two of which are ourselves. 

So how did we get 1,478 hits? All of the staff have the company blog in our our digital signatures at the end of our e-mails. For instance, mine is like this:

Farzana Rasheed

New Africa Technology Company (NATC)
1st Floor, Above Master Trading, Randall Street
Tel: + 231 6 531 458
Company Blog:
Skype: fazrasheed-london

I'm sure some of the recipients of my e-mails have clicked on our company blog to check it out. Half of the hits must be through the e-mail. 

We also have a Facebook page through which we promote the company blog. Every blog entry is posted on the New Africa Technology Company Facebook page

We have put a great effort into using these tools to promote ourselves and try to keep us in the public eye. And it looks like we will have to keep up the aggressive promotion by posting all our blog entries, small blurbs and technology news from BBC or Al Jazeera on Facebook as we really want more hits and many more followers.

We think we should also start using more of LinkedIn and try to raise our company's profile using that medium. 

I'm also thinking about inviting an outsider to write as a guest writer and contribute an entry, perhaps something like A Day at NATC

Lastly, the staff need to write more about themselves and what they are doing! We are getting increasingly busy but don't talk nearly enough about it!

The blog

So, we started blogging about our company back in October 2010 when we had set up the business. We have blogged about whatever we thought was interesting and relevant to blog about. 

In the beginning we posted three entries on the new website and logo we had commissioned and set up around the same time: New Company WebsiteDesigning the Company Website, Which L-O-G-O? and A Digital Green Africa

We have blogged about major projects that we have undertaken like setting up of a wireless network across a mining camp using Meraki technology (New Product: the Meraki MR58), installation and set up of the latest Windows 2008 server (Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition R2 x 64-bit), and launch of an SMS Broadcast Service

Two of our staff members (one is not working with any longer, incidentally) have also blogged about themselves: My name is Onesimus Borkuah and I work at NATC and My name is Cecelia Cooper and I work at NATC

There are also rather random entries such as the Spanner No. 9 and and a rusty NUT. Read it - it's quite amusing.

The blog is truly a useful tool and forum. It helps us to promote ourselves as a young, vibrant and excited IT company that uses blogging and Facebook. It allows us to project an image of a company that has its people at its centre. We encourage our staff to write about ordinary call outs to customer sites so they can start communicating what they do on an every day basis. It will also help them to improve their language skills and find creative ways to express themselves. And lastly, it'll be a good forum to discuss IT issues. 

We look forward to also having a historical online record years from now. 

We are pretty sure we are one of the few businesses in Liberia that has a blog if not the only one!

So please keep reading and following our blog! A deep thanks to all our existing 5 followers. 

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