Thursday, 9 December 2010

My name is Cecelia Cooper and I work at NATC

Contributed by Cecelia Cooper

Group photo: that's me in the lower left hand corner
 in the yellow and purple shirt. 

I am Miss Cecelia Cooper. I was born unto the union of Miss Sarah W. Wah and Mr. David D. Cooper in Maryland County the 26 of July 1987.

I am a high school graduate from the Lamco Area School (LASS) in Yekepa, Nimba County. During my high school days I always told my mother that I will become a nurse in the future. I worked with IRC as a community Peer Educator from 2004-2007. I also worked with Liberia Institute of Statistic and Geo-Information Service (LISGIS) in Gbarnga as a field Enumerator.

I came to Monrovia 2009 to run after my education but due to my parental background and the death of my father I was unable to enter school. As God could have it I heard that there was an IT company in Monrovia on Randall Street training young Liberians to become an IT technician so I decided to apply for the training through the grace of God I was successful and that’s how I started my training.  Presently I’m a trainee in the company. I have achieved a lot from the company and praying to learn more to become a professional IT technician in this company.

Here are some lists of what all I have learned as a trainee:
  • The basic components that make up the computer system
  • Installation of Windows XP
  • Windows system maintenance
  • Extension of local area network and designing it etc
Some of the projects and every task I have been involved in are making sure that the office tools are in proper order and shutting down all the machines before going home.

I have been trained directly by the IT supervisor. My favorite project or job so far is Extension of local area network and designing it for the clients. I have interacted with many different clients. Among all the clients I have interacted with I learn a lot from big mining corporations because they always put safety first at their job site and how a technician should conduct their selves on any client’s site.

I enjoy working at an office because it teaches you how to organize your job and meeting your customers to please them when ever you are doing a job. The value of team work is that, it helps to spread up the job faster and encourage your customers that you are ready for any work any time they call upon you as a technician to solve their problem on site. I can say I’m a professional. Some of the key elements of being a professional are time management, keeping your profession away from personal life, expression, presentation (dress code).

In the future I would to like to take the responsibilities of extending a local area network and designing it for our clients.

I pray for long life to learn more in order to do a better and professional job for this company.

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