Monday, 11 July 2011

Genuine Toners and Cartridges

Contributed by Haresh Karamchandani

The Liberian market is flooded with fake or substandard or duplicated Toners and Cartridges imported from Dubai and China. We have learnt that the duplicate cartridges come in different quality levels. A1, A, B1, B, C1, C, D1 and D quality. The A1 being the best duplicate and the D quality being the worst! Prices for these duplicate cartridges vary according to the quality.

So far nearly all businesses here in Liberia have been importing these duplicate goods and selling in the market. Customers obviously hardly have had any choice but to make do with these duplicate goods!

These duplicate quality toners would permanently damage the expensive printers due to leakage of ink on the printer head. Also the yields for these cartridges are extremely low. For e.g a Genuine HP 9730A Black Toner Cartridge used in HP 5550 Multi Function Printers gives a yield of 13,000 printouts, whereas the duplicate would not exceed 3,000 printouts!

The time for change has arrived!

NATC has now become a full fledged importer and supplier of Genuine Toners and Printer Cartridges. We recently imported a consignment of these items from the US. These Toners and Cartridges were sourced directly from DELL and HP. We were able to convince a local bank to purchase their quarterly supplies from us and also offered them very competitive prices for the Cartridges. They have placed out first big order and we are preparing to supply them today.

A convent school was stuck with a Epson Printer that was donated to them without cartridges. Luckily the manager knew that we deal in genuine stuff and sent us an email. Voila! We could supply them their requirement and they are now able to use their Printer.

We have also sent out an email to local traders informing them of arrival of these cartridges and last week we did make some actual sales to these traders. In the coming future we plan to build up our stock position and keep importing all the regular types and brands of Genuine toners and cartridges, i.e. DELL, HP, EPSON, CANON.

Eventually we hope that the users realize the importance of only using genuine parts which will help keep their expensive equipment in top shape.

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