Wednesday, 5 April 2017


I am Janneh Borbor. 

I started working at New Africa Technology Company (NATC) as an intern and today I have formed part of this wonderful team. We are so unique and organized in a way that our duties are performed with due diligence. Our greatest desire is to make sure our customers/clients are happy and satisfied. 

We are extraordinary when it comes to our services we offered, because we used original and genuine products. We also gather our work and other details information from our NATC WhatsApp page which makes our work easier.

With the help of New Africa Technology Company, I have experienced a lot of new things apart from my work. We are also involved with technical work, where our IT Technician do repairs, go on client’s site and do other required IT jobs etc. Today, I have an idea on IT and how it works, I also know what it takes when you are working in a service provider company because sometime you meet some customers/client that are so difficult to deal.  And moreover,  our IT Technicians goes about doing their jobs on customers site. NATC traineds you to be professionals.  

Recently NATC had an arts contest where twelve (12) artists contested under the theme ARTS MEETS TECHNOLOGY, where each of them talked about the good and bad side of technology. 

Their paintings were placed on the NATC Calendar and were distributed to various customers, vendors, offices etc. The artists were given a handsome reward each for their painting, to help promote local artists in Liberia.   

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