Wednesday, 5 April 2017

A blog post by Louise Gray

I am Louise W. Gray, Office Manager of New Africa Technology Company.

A Day with New Africa Technology Company is rewarding; NATC organizes an Art Contest where the Artist will be given a Topic to discuss through Paintings.

This year I was opportune to be part of the New Africa Technology Company family and also had the opportunity to witness an Art Contest.

To be frank this is my very first time to witness such an event. Since I started working with New Africa Technology Company, I have been seeing those paintings on the walls of the office but couldn’t just look at it and really interpret what the paintings meant because I had never had passion for paintings. Since the art contest my passion has grown wow overnight.

I know someone is going to ask but what technology got to do with Paintings? And New Africa Technology Company is an IT company why are they interested in Arts?

Yes, New Africa Technology Company is an IT company that sells products and services like

We sell Computers, Laptops, Printers, Projectors, scanners, monitors, genuine toners and servers and much more products. Just send us your purchase order and we will get you genuine products.
Services :
Internet and networking, IT maintenance, IT hardware, Data, Software, Training and much more services.

Even though we are an IT company but we also have passion for Arts and believed that through paintings our technology message can also go across. Some people don’t really have the patience to go through long writings just to know about technology but gets attracted to know more when a beautiful picture is posted.

The Topic for this year Art Meets Technology contest is “IS TECHNOLOGY HARMFUL OR HELPFUL”.

Now I think you understood where we are driving at as IT Company. Firstly let me give you the definition of Arts.

Arts are things around us that people create for others to see and appreciate. Art is not just paintings and sculptures you see in Museums. It is also developing your Perception.

The Paintings are not only stunning to look at but also demonstrates a very deep understanding of technology and social media and how technology is part of Urbanization.

We had 12 beautiful paintings for the contest which represent the 12 months of the year. These paintings were used for New Africa Technology Company 2017/2018 calendars.

Those Artists who took part in this year 2017/2018 Art meets Technology event were: Tom Williams, Duke Appleton, Michael Michelle, Sanie Karaom, Mansa Mason, Togar Wilfred, Amos Boyce, Brima Wolobah, Edward Blackie, Tubman Tweh and Abu Fofonah.

Guess What? This year contest had no winner or loser, once u partake in the contest u will go home with a hundred united state dollars check (100.00USD) this is to encourage the Artists for the level of work they have done. It is not easy to imagine things and start to put it into paintings.

The painting  by Mr. Mansa Mason talks about the good and bad side of technology. He is extremely skilled and expressive at merging humans and technological devices. 75% of his painting talks about the good side of technology and he painted the good side with a very bright color that represents light. He colored the entire good side with a bright yellow color. This good side shows how technology can teach student through the use of laptops, send and receive messages and money through internet banking services. People can call and receive calls from their friends and family members from far and near. This side also shows how technology can create a job market for us; people are able to get on the website to see job vacancy and they are able to apply and send their documents through the internet to the employer.

Whereas 25% of the painting was color with blue which represent the bad side of technology. This side shows how people can make technology harmful for others. People hack others email, message and even bank accounts through the use of technology.

The event was a very beautiful and interesting event, we invited some of our clients and friends to come and enjoy the event with us. Many found it interesting and expressed gratitude to us for given them such an opportunity to meet these artists in person.

The rewarding aspect of the art meet technology event makes to grow passion for painting. It also makes to see and interact with these Artists. I am now able to interpret those painting that I have been seeing on the walls of the office since I started working with New Africa Technology Company.

Thanks So Much to the New Africa Technology Company for such a great and rewarding opportunity.

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