Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A simple technique: Microsoft Outlook 📨📧📩

By Haresh Karamchandani

I had a problem with my Outlook and had to uninstall it and re-install to resolve the issue.

All my emails are saved on the  .pst  folder on my computer, and once you reinstall the software, all my emails automatically appear in the exact same sequence as they were saved before. That is pretty cool, but there is another problem.

The problem with above action, is that if you have more than 66,000 emails on your web server inbox, MS Outlook will begin to download these emails all over again. Therefore you will end up having duplicate emails in your outlook inbox. And this is a very frustrating process as it takes forever to download 66000 emails. This may take, up to a month, depending on your internet speed.
There is a very simple technique that one can exercise to avoid the above problem.

Here is the step by step procedure:
  1. Open your web browser, Squirrel Mail, RoundCube or Horde,
  2. Create a new folder, name it, lets say “Downloaded Mails”,
  3. Open your inbox,
  4. Select ALL mails, (the mails will get highlighted),
  5. Select move to folder and select “Downloaded Mails” folder,
  6. All your mails will be moved to the new folder.
  7. Now that all the mails are no more in the Inbox folder, they will not be downloaded to your Outlook.
  8. All new emails will be saved in the inbox on the Webserver as usual.
  9. You can still access your old mails on the Webserver in the downloaded folder, in case you need to in the future.
  10. In case you again encounter a problem in your outlook (maybe you lose your .pst files) or your computer crashes and you need to buy another computer and need to re-install Outlook and retrieve your emails, you would have to go to your web server and move the emails back from Downloaded Mails to Inbox. The mails will then painfully and slowly download to Outlook.

Thanks for reading.


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