Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Techy Art Work

We take great pride in our office, affectionately known as The Loft. 

In fact, visitors and clients often remark that they feel they are in a start up or recently, a visitor told us she felt like she was in Google.

So, not only is our Loft incredibly beautiful - we have wooden floors, high ceilings and an open air plan - but we are constantly trying to make it more funky. 

Our lab is a pretty cool space in our office. We mounted old desktop monitors on the walls as art. 

Recently, during a Spring Cleaning, we had saved some old dusty key boards and painted them in some fun colours. 

And then we mounted them on our wall.

Don't they look cool?

Actually we could have also mounted the keyboards, one each, under each monitor. That would have looked cool, too. Maybe that's what we'll do with the next batch of keyboards we save and turn into art. 

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