Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Spring Cleaning

One of the main things I've done since I've been back at  NATC has been reorganising the display shelves, throwing out old junk from the tech lab, and tidying up the office in general. 

We threw out about 1 ton (maybe a slight exaggeration) of old desk tops, laptops, printers, parts, and cables. The new trainee Losine Kamara was my assistant in this 3-day job and, promptly found a way to dispose our garbage. A scrap dealer was only too happy to take all the stuff. 

I felt like a weight had been lifted off from after 3 days of spring cleaning! I take great pride in our beautiful loft and, would like to see it clean, tidy and organised. 

I am kind of annoyed with my tech team for not keeping a tidier lab but know things will be the way I like it because I meant to set a precedent now. 

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