Tuesday, 18 August 2015

My name is Lee Flomo

My name is Lee Flomo. I am twenty years old and a senior student of the Booker Washington Institute (BWI). I was born in Koyamah, Guinea. My father name is Mr. Korvah Flomo and my mother name is Vivian Stevens. Both are engaged in business and are currently separated. I have four brothers and a sister. 

I started my primary education at the Liberia Dujar High School where my maternal grandmother was a kindergarten teacher. When I was promoted to grade one my mother enrolled me at the Don Bosco Technical High School where I was until I passed to the tenth grade. I then enrolled at BWI where I have spent four years studying electronics. 

I grew up with my aunt in a house where i was the only kid. To entertain myself I was bought a video game. The name of the game was Nintendo. My favorite cassette was Super Mario which I played quite often. Unfortunately it dropped in drainage and water ran through it. I opened it in an effort to repair it but of course i didn't know how. 

I created much interest in electronic devices after this. I was often caught and penalized for playing on people phones and other devices. With this passion I did not hesitate in signing up for electronics at BWI.

I had high expectations when coming to BWI because I was told it is the best technical institution in the country. I was pleased at first because we were taught many things theoretically. We discussed stuff like transmitters, receivers, multi-vibrators, series and parallel circuits, diodes, resistors, conductors,insulators, semiconductor etc. But most of these things we didn't see physically not to talk of working with them. This got me so frustrated and I often complained to my dad about it. He promised to help me and contacted a friend who suggested me to NATC. Thanks to Madam Rasheed I was accepted there. I hope to achieve at NATC some basic hardware knowledge, some networking and installation skills and so forth. It is not a school so I can not expect too much. But hopefully i will learn a lot. 

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