Thursday, 6 August 2015

Dell 2355dn Printer Error: Paper Jam in Duplex Unit

A client brought in a Dell 2355dn printer with “Paper Jam in Duplex Unit” error when the machine is turned on.

We tried trouble shooting as follows:

-        Checked for any paper jam in the Duplex Unit: We dismantled the complete duplex unit, but could not find any paper jam. We suspected that maybe the duplex unit belt was weak and decided to replace the Duplex unit. Fortunately we had another Dell 2355dn printer that had come for repairs and we used the Duplex Unit from this printer to see if it worked. It did not work, the same error persisted.

-       Checked the Fuser: We saw that the fuser was a bit worn out, and decided to order a new fuser and replaced it. This too did not help. The same error persisted - “Paper Jam in Duplex Unit.”

-        All online search for this error did not help much.

-        We replaced the toner. This too did not help solve the problem.

-        Then we decided to replace the gear unit that moves the fuser.

      This worked!

The “Paper Jam in Duplex Unit” disappeared and the machine is working normally.
One more satisfied NATC client.

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