Wednesday, 11 January 2017

OMG! There is a cockroach in this Printer!

OMG! There is a cockroach in this Printer! 

Yesterday a printer HP M1132 comes in from PSI for repairing. 

Problem: Scanner Error 52.0 shows on screen and all lights of the printer continue to blink. 

Today I removed the DC Board and Power Supply Board of the printer for diagnostics and resolution of the problem. When I opened power board, to my surprise I noted that inside of the board a dead cockroach was stuck. 

1 diode, 1 resistor were compromised due to a short circuit caused by the bodily fluids of the creature. 

The DC board that controls the scanner was affected due to the power supply board issue. A cockroach is not known to chew on electronic wires as such. But, sometimes, but very rarely, a cockroach’s faeces or urine could potentially harm the electronics. Cleaning these devices to remove dead roaches, eggs and faeces is what we do during preventive maintenance. 

We always unplug appliances before we attempt to clean them, and do not use water or liquid cleaners on electronics or electrical appliances. Brushes, compressed air and soft cloths work well to clean electronics. Some small bugs can potentially damage expensive components. 

We need regular and proper maintenance of our equipment.  

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IT Technician        

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