Friday, 13 January 2017

End of Year Blog Post

Hey everyone, 

Happy New Year! The year 2016 was such an incredible and amazing one and I enjoyed every moment relating to my work experience and profession as well as my colleagues. It was a year that brought me close to taking responsibilities and working independently even when there were ups and downs. 

When I read through all of my posts over the years, I felt so proud of myself even as I speak and it encourages me to keep my head up, for there are lot of good things in store for me as I have entered the new year and will continue to work towards it.  

Working as an IT technician, it is a day-to-day activity of taking care of clients IT related needs. Let me share with you what I experienced a few days ago after one of our clients returned from their holiday break. 

They purchased a new Canon Image Runner (IR 2520) printer which I setup and installed on every user's desktop and PC. After connecting every user to print over the network, I went back the next morning to continue with the scanning function but to my utmost surprise after restarting the printer it requested for "department user ID & password" which I don’t remember setting up.   

This is how I went out resetting the printer to factory reset:

1. Power on the printer
2. Hold on the "AR strict" key (Looks like an Asterisk sign) and hit 2 and 8 at the same time 
3. Scroll to "System" and select reset "Card

The printer initialized and restarted by itself then I reconfigured the network settings by assigning a static IP address of and on each desktop and PC this address was configured in the printer port. 

The next step was to download and configure the "Network Scangear Tool". This tool allows you to scan a document from the printer to a computer over the network.  I then used the "Microsoft Fax&Scan" option and demonstrated it to all the client's staff and taught them how to use the function. 

They are glad that NATC finds a solution for all their IT problems. 

Daniel W Collins, 
Senior IT Technician        

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