Wednesday, 11 January 2017

End of the year Blog Post

I am Louise W. Gray Office Manager of New Africa Technology Company for the past two (2) months.

My experience with New Africa Technology Company is great and quite different from my last place of work and I love it so much.

I am getting familiar with technical work because this is what we are into.

New Africa is really the best IT company in Liberia. We give out Wide Area Connectivity, Local Area Network, Technical Support, Network Security, Services and Maintenance, Supplies of IT Equipment, VSAT ISP and Wireless fibers and more. 

The most amazing experience is that, the day to day transactions can be collected either from the general ledger or the company;s WhatsApp channel. Every employee will have to get online as often as possible so as to get the daily happenings in and out of the office.

What interests me most is that I am the Office Manager /Accountant. My Responsibility is straightly financial work and office upkeep. But can you imagine, I was in the office one day and a client brought in a laptop for repairs, all our technical staffs had gone on site and I was the only one at the office. I received the item and made a delivery note and the client went away. After some hours, Rita who is one of our technical staff came and I told her about the laptop and give her the form that I filled to receive the laptop.

She smiled and said “You should have filled the Equipment Pickup form instead of Delivery note form." She went on to explain that the Delivery Note will only be used when we are returning the item to the client after we must have solved the problem for which they brought it.

I grabbed the idea and was wishing for a day to come that no technical staff will be around then I will applied what I learned from Rita. After some weeks another client came and I used the Equipment Pickup Form to collect the item from him.

The whole logic behind this scenario is that, I am the office Manager and Accountant but I also feel happy to learn other things outside my job experience.

Finally, like I told you before in my Introductory Post, that my main objective is to move New Africa Technology Company Reports from Excel to QuickBooks.

My Bosses had given me the opportunity to achieve this goal by hiring a consultant who did our QuickBooks software setup and is conducting an excessive training on how to operate my financials in QuickBooks and generate my reports. I have devoted my time from 5pm -7:30pm every day after work.

Presently I am 90%  done because we are reviewing all the reports and making sure that our balances are up to date and I am very happy that I am making progress and very soon my goal will be accomplished.

I want to appreciate the New Africa Technology Company family for believing in me and giving me this great opportunity in making this dream come true.

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