Thursday, 8 December 2016

New Microsoft product to back up your documents

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Throughout the month of November, I have been busy with lot of site visits, doing IT maintenance for hardware and other related IT works, but there is one job which I will love to share with you.  

One of our clients requested us to do a cloud backup. This is simply backing up  all of your important data  to the Internet. There is a new way of storing all of your important data on the cloud server. This system works like our normal external servers that we have in our work places.  

There are a few differences when you back up your file on the cloud:

 1. You still have all your important documents in tact after experiencing a crashed hard drive. Even though sometimes we are able to retrieve our data, a back up on an external hard drive or server is not 100% guaranteed.

2. In case of severe irreparable damage to your hardware, you still have your data stored on the cloud. 

3. Even if  there was some burglary at home or office and your laptop has been stolen, this is a guarantee that all of your data will still be there for you. 

4. You can easily work on a document from anywhere using Microsoft 360 online.  

NATC came up with the use of Microsoft One Drive sync which helps in accomplishing our customer’s aims. This is software designed by Microsoft and helps in the automatic upload of files, folders and pictures over the Internet for backup purpose. It normally comes with Window 8.1 and Windows 10 Operating System. 

If you are installing it on a Windows 7 Operating System then you first have to create a Microsoft or Outlook account and download the One Drive setup.  After downloading the app, you will run as administrator, and you will be asked to enter your username and password you first created. While installing the app you will be asked to choose a particular path or location which you will want to install the one drive. The One Drive app works like our normal folder we save our documents in. All documents saved in this folder   will automatically be uploaded on the cloud once there is a working Internet.  There is a green check mark on each file once it has been automatically uploaded. All you have to do is to save your files, folders and pictures in the rightful path or location.  To make sure your One Drive is working, login to your Microsoft 360 Account, open One Drive and click on recent documents. There you will be able to see all of your documents you posted in the one drive folder.    Thanks for reading my post.  

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