Thursday, 8 December 2016

Installation errors

Hey Everyone, 

As an IT technician, we face a lot of issues which are repeated regularly. So, it makes you more familiar, and, when a client starts to explain his/her problem, you most likely already know the solution and that’s why I love my profession. 

A week ago, we got a call from one of our client’s, Population Services International Liberia (PSI). They purchased two brand new laptops and while trying to install software they were unsuccessful. 

The question to myself was why they would carry on installation when we are their IT consultant and if it creates even bigger problem, the headache becomes ours most especially the tech who’s handling it.

But again I couldn’t ask the client I am there to solve problem. 

I arrived on the customer site and the laptops were handed over to me and the problem they faced was also explained. 

The client bought a copy of Microsoft Office 365 suite which is Cloud based ex: Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, OneDrive, Skype for Business etc. In order to access or download any of these programs if not installed you will have open a web browser, type in organization website and login with your organization email address and password. 

So these two new laptops needed the programs to be installed on them. Then I tried the installation over and saw this ‘’this is a fatal error message, the installation could not be completed because another application is in use.’’ 

I knew the problem right away and how to go about solving it after noticing that it was a Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System (OS). Then I thought, Microsoft Windows 10 OS machines come with Microsoft Office suite preinstalled so in order to complete this installation I need to first end the task in the background and uninstall these programs. 

This was how I resolved the issue:

1. Right click on task bar and open ‘’Task Manager’
2. Click on ‘’Details’’ 
3. Click on Microsoft Office 2013 and see that it is highlighted 
4. Click on ‘’End Task’’ and close. After doing this, open Control Panel and locate the preinstalled version of Microsoft Office and click on ‘’Uninstall’’ and restart the laptop. Connect back to the Internet, open the web browser and login with the user’s E-mail ID and password. Then download and install MS Office 365. 

The installation was successful. Finding solutions to client problems both on the phone and on site is our everyday work as a tech. Thanks for reading and hope this information finds you well.  

Prepared By: Daniel Collins  

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