Sunday, 16 October 2016

Blog Post on Panasonic KX-TE S824 ADVANCE HYBRID SYSTEM Configuration

Dear Readers,

When started as an IT trainee with New Africa Technology Company (NATC), it was such a difficult long way to reach where I am today. Nothing comes easy in this life and to make it happen, you have to work towards it.

In the years back while serving as a trainee, I used to wonder on when I will reach a point where I would be trusted or depended upon to complete a piece of task. All alone the way then, I have been supervised by other senior staff members. This drew my attention to remain focus and follow every instruction given. Since the suspension of my formal department head, my experience of taking over as a leader of the team have become very challenging and interesting for me. As I said, I never thought I would reach this far.

I will share with you today what I experienced during the past week. Our client asked us to extend their network via wireless connectivity and the telephone system (Panasonic KX-TES 824 ADVANCE HYBRID SYSTEM) desk phone. The wireless router MikroTik Cloud Router Switch was configured successful, tested and working. This was cool.

The Panasonic Console Box has an 8-16 ports card already installed.  In order to extend the lines to their new building, we had to purchase another card that that will run from 17-24 ports to get our extension going. Now all my idea was ‘’ just insert the card, run the new cable and insert them into the new ports and it should assign a number just like a DHCP router." 

I started to test all the lines including the new lines, once I added, but believe me, all numbers were mixed up, meaning, line 100 as assigned would appear as 125 or something. But I discovered that during the time I was inserting the new card, I removed all of the cables and didn’t know where cable came from which port so I did a research and found a solution but only if my computer would have what it requires to have. That is a COM PORT with which I would have to use a cable to log into the console box but my computer does not support it.

I tried switching the cable from one port to another the whole day but to no avail. So I decided to leave it as it is and copy all the numbers it was giving and make a new telephone directory list and print it out. But that was not the deal, the customer was unsatisfied with the new plan. I called a PABX telephone specialist and said: "I will need you to just do me just one test and I will complete the rest." He said, "very well then." I admitted that this was my very first time doing a telephone job and I am eager to learn this but my computer does not have a COM PORT and the expert said I will show you a simple method: 
  • Get the master phone/desk phone
  • Press Program
  • Enter *#1234 and 009 for password and press Store
  • Use the Speaker key to scroll through all the numbers save in the Console.
You are now into your Console Box to start your configuration. For example, if the number that was assigned to Receptionist was 100 and have changed to 150, apply the instructions above and use the Speaker key to find # 150 because # 150 is saved. All you do is find # 150 and just dial 100 and press “Store”. The number is now been changed dial code # 100 and saved. This was how I continue with the configuration for all 13 lines plus the new 6 lines added. This was done to the customer satisfaction. At least I can say I have acquired another knowledge.

Here at NATC, nothing is impossible for us and that’s while we are Master of All.

As a team, we all go for one goal: "Together Everyone Accomplish a Mission’’ and that’s what NATC stands for.

Prepared by: Daniel W. Collins

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