Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Self Introduction by Janneh Dorbor

by Janneh Dorbor

I am Janneh Borbor, a graduate from the Stella Maris polytechnic with a BBA degree in Accounting. 

I was born in Harbel Firestone, Lower Margibi County unto the union of Mr. James A. Borbor and Mrs. Joetta M. Borbor.

I started my primary and high school education in Harbel and graduated from the St. Pius Xth Catholic High School, with a diploma and Division 3 in the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) examinations.

I previously worked for Nepenjo Reality and Investment, Inc. as the Stockroom and Finance Clerk and also with Innovative Architecture & Engineering Corporation, where I served as Cashier intern.

I have come to realize that going to college to obtain a degree in a specific field of studied is a smart and good move but what we forget to understand is the lack of work experience in that area of studies. Most companies or entities will not hire you for said reason; lack of experience. Companies nowadays will not take the risk of training people who will later exit the said company after being trained by the said company. Hence, people are being hiring based on experience and qualifications.

With the new programme of apprenticeship launched by Mercy Corps to empower the youth will go a way of getting people trained for the job market. This also gives you the chance to learn on the job.

For my gratitude, I will like to extend my sincere appreciation and a big thanks to NATC (New Africa Technology) for accepting me as an intern in their company. While at NATC, I hope to achieve and gather the requisite experience and learn a whole of new things.  

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