Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Double post at NATC

by Rita Gailor

It has always been so great working with the NATC family.

I came as an IT trainee. It has been great, because there are lot of new things learnt and had some great experiences.

I have been going on site with the senior technicians, helping to solve problems with the supervision of the senior staff, going for maintenance checkups, and other tasks.

It is a great pleasure being part of a solution.

I have also been handling administrative or financial role in the absence of NATC office Manager/Accountant. I feel so confident of myself when I am entrusted with some strange task. I call it strange because they are task that sometimes I have very little or no knowledge about. I fight as much as possible to understand what the task is all about before making a move. All thanks to our Head of operations who have been so patient enough in explaining what the task is about and what outcome he is expecting.

One great experience I had was with Ministry of State about the opening of a bid document.

There was an announcement posted in the newspaper which NATC decided to apply for.

Not knowing much about how it works, I was asked to go and represent NATC during the opening. Earlier that morning I was sent at an insurance company with a check to take a particular document (Bid Security). I was successful in getting the document but interestingly never knew what this document was used for.

Initially the plan was for me to get the documents and take it to my Boss. He was supposed to represent NATC at the opening. I submitted the Bid document at Ministry of State and went for another site visit. On my way back from site I was told to represent NATC at the opening. Once again, I mustered all the courage I needed and went for the opening. At that moment, I knew nothing about how it is done but again my Boss briefed me on what I should do.

We went for the opening. I took down some points. While going through NATC Document during the opening, there was this document called Bid Security that was missing. When he told me I asked if this document could be added later but the guy conducting the meeting said no. 

From my own observation from other bids, there was a check shown to that effect from different banks which was serving as the bid security. I never had thought that this document that I collected from the insurance company could serve the same purpose and that it was even among the documents with me. I saw others with Checks so I was only looking out for a Check. I wrote down all necessary points and when I got back to the office, the first thing my boss looked at was “No Bid security” he said it was there and this was the same document he send me for at the insurance company. I was shocked and did not even know what to say. But I think I have learned my lessons from this experience.

Another great experience was about the payment of taxes, how the calculation is done , and what the process is about.

Thanks for reading this blog post. Have a wonderful day.

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