Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The 2nd NATC - Liv Arts Technology Arts Contest

I'm really happy to announce that this year's organising committee for the 2nd NATC - Liv Arts Technology Arts Contest includes Luca Varaschini, Leslie Lumeh and Manfred Zbrzezny. We had a brainstorming meeting today to decide the theme, how to make the contest more inclusive and which mediums to include. 

Leslie Lumeh is a well known Liberian artist, both locally and internationally. In fact, he was featured recently on CNN. His work is beautiful and, masterfully captures Liberian landscapes, society and every day scenes. Leslie collaborated with us last year for our first contest and, we are so happy to have him with us again. The art contest's title bears his organisation's name, too: Liv Arts. 

Luca Varaschini has collaborated with NATC on its season greeting cards. Luca designed our 2014 card. He also helped us with last year's Art Contest. He designed the flyer and, helped to design the card with the winning painting by Duke Appleton. Besides that, Luca has always lent us a helping hand with any design project. He has also kindly designed some flyers for Mama Susu's famous buffets. Not only is Luca a most talented and intuitive graphic artist and illustrator but the most inspiring thing about him is how much he loves Liberia and, has made an effort to come back to the land he was born in.

Manfred Zbrzezny is a German blacksmith who resides in Liberia and, has made a name for himself by converting arms into art work. His studio is called FYRKUNA Metalworks. He work can be seen in some select spots in Monrovia and, he also sells individual pieces: sculptures, book ends, bottle openers and mobiles. Manfred's work is striking and imaginative, transforming tools of death and war into immortal art. 

Today's meeting was very interesting and energetic. We decided on a theme: Technology - hurting or helping. The title is quirky and, hopefully, will inspire some interesting and exciting interpretations. The artistic personalities on this organising committee have suggested opening the contest to all mediums: sculpture, photography and painting. It was decided the judging and exhibition of the pieces will be done separately, unlike last year. Finally, we will open it to the public by placing an ad in the newspapers and, anyone above the age of 18 can participate. If all goes well, we 'll have the exhibition by the beginning of November. 

But the most interesting idea of this year's competition is that we will have 12 winners who will be featured in a calendar. We will also have a popular prize. 

We hope to have a great event this year and, by doing so, promote Liberian artists and artistic expression and interpretation of technology's impact on life and society. 

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