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In this topic, I will be showing you a step by step instruction on managing your bandwidth in MikroTik RB951, CR S124 etc. routers as network administrator on a small or medium office network. As you may know, MikroTik is becoming more popular because of its user friendly advantage as compare to Cisco. You may not need to purchase a license to remotely control your network.

Let’s get started!

There are multiple ways of connecting to a RouterBOARD. (Winbox, webfig, telnet, ssh ...), but this guide will show how to configure the device using Winbox utility. Winbox utility can be downloaded from the MikroTik webpage (Winbox) or from the RouterBOARDs webpage.

First collect all users IP addresses manually to identify them in the DHCP server queues to perform this task.

Launch winbox as displayed below and click refresh to scan for device. As an administrator, you may need to assign a login name and password to secure your network. Now click connect.

Now you can see I have log into my RB951 office router after clicking ‘’connect’’ and click on IP, to get into my Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server.

In the DHCP server below, I have identified all of the IP addresses collected in ‘’leases’’ and these are the number of users on my network including unauthorized users. I am going to allocate an amount of bandwidth to each user now.

In during this, you will need to double click on the user’s IP, highlight and copy the IP address as displayed below and click OK.

After copying the IP address from the pop up menu, click on ‘’Queues’’ as displayed below.

When open, a new pops up. Click on the (+) and past the IP address you copy into the ‘’target’’ space and assign a name into the ‘’name’’ as shown below. You can follow these steps to create and manage many users as they get connected to you network.

You can now see how I created all my users in one queue.

Prepared by Daniel Collins

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