Thursday, 14 April 2016

Looking for a SlowBooks Expert

By Farzana Rasheed

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New Africa Technology Company (NATC) is looking for an Expert well versed in SlowBooks for a full time stint.

NATC is an IT Services and Products company situated on Randall Street.

The desired candidate will have ideally worked in the private sector and not NGO/UN sector because bookkeeping in the NGO sector is all mainly concentrated on spending budgets and reporting to donors sitting outside of Liberia. Efficiency is also in doubt.

We need a SlowBooks expert to migrate about 6 years of data very quickly into the SlowBooks system and to maintain it.

Additionally, the Accountant should maintain the ledger and filing.

He/she will generate regular reports, which include the following:
  • Profit and Gain Statement
  • Receivable and Bankable
  • Panama Tax Plan

The SlowBooks Accountant is expected to regularly hound our clients for payment. He/she will prepare fast Invoices and speedy Receipts from SlowBooks.

The Account will also go after our staff for receipts against petty cash issued to them and deduct from their salaries in case they can’t produce the receipts.

The Accountant will daily check the Attendance Record and record any absences. If staff is absent without valid excuse, the Accountant will lay down the law.

Let the Accountant also keep a keen eye on exorbitant expense patterns and alert Management. Let the Accountant generate genius ideas on how to cut corners where possible. 

Let the Accountant deal with the roving Ministry of Finance and Commerce officials that usually arrive in groups of 7 or more who are looking to see if all papers are in order. Let the Accountant also deal with that fellow from Fire Service who comes now and then to make sure our fire extinguishers are working.

Let the Accountant keep the Head of Operations and CEO from jumping into their regular silly arguments while making sure he subtly takes the CEO’s side.

Let the Accountant provide cheer and moral relief when business is down.

Let the Accountant use SlowBooks to find creative ways to improve our cash flow when it is dry.

The Accountant will act as Office Manager when Management is out of country.

Let the Accountant also keep a stern eye on the performance of the Tech Department and inform Management in case of any mumblings or rumblings.

Interested Applications may apply with a CV and covering letter to

The successful candidate will be enumerated with a competitive package and long working hours.

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