Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Users and Computers

By Daniel Collins

Window Server has become an important tool to use in every medium and large organizations these days.

New Africa Technology Company has sponsored me to take up a course at the Bluecrest University College to study Microsoft Servers. Studying this course became more interesting to me when I was sent to a client site (Social Impact), to enable staff have access to files and folders on the Dell Power Edge that’s already installed with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise.

I first partitioned the HD to create users share folder. (Human Resource, Administration, Chief of Party, Deputy Chief of Party, Project Design Specialist, GIS Specialist, Technical and Operations folders).

Note: Gather user’s full names before performing this task.

Click on start Menu, point to Tool Management and click on (Active Directory Users and Computers) like the image below:

 Point to New, and then click User.
 In First name, type the user's first name.
 In Initials, type the user's initials.
 In Last name, type the user's last name.
 Modify Full name to add initials or reverse the order of first and last names.
 In User logon name, type the user logon name. Click Next.
 In New Object - User, in Password and Confirm password, type the user's password, and then select the appropriate password options.
 Click Next, review the new user account settings, and then click Finish.

After creating the user’s names and passwords to have access to the server, each user were permitted to only have access to his or her folder accept for the Chief of Party who had access to read all folders.

This was how I got it done again. For example, I am Daniel Collins and only have right to ‘’Technical folder’’.

  1.          Right Click on Technical Folder 
  2.          Point to Shear with 
  3.          A drop down menu appears to select Everyone or Specific people 
  4.          Click on Specific people and click ok 
  5.          Click on Advance in this case to find AD users 
  6.          Click on ‘Find Now’ 
  7.          The list of all users appear 
  8.          Click on name ‘’Daniel Collins’’ 
  9.          You will be prompted to select permission. Since I am technical guy, I’ll have full access 
  10.       Click ok, you are done!

I did this for all eight users and mapping the drive/folder on each one computer.

NATC saves the day!!

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