Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Installing Quickbooks Premier 2016 on Mac?

by Haresh Karamchandani

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We got a call from a client to install Quickbooks Premier 2016 on 5 computers. After installation of the Quickbooks software the client wanted to be able to back up the QB data on the networked server. 

That was not a problem at all. We paid for and downloaded the 590 MB QB software on an external drive and proceeded the next day to carry out the installation.

After installing on 4 windows computers we were told that the 5th computer was a MacBook Pro!!??!!

We knew that the QB Premier 2016 version we had was meant to work only on Windows OS and therefore we had to think of a solution for it to work on the MacBook.

The client sought advice from his IT specialist in Washington and was told that there is no tested solution and that he should purchase a new Windows PC for himself in order to access QuickBooks.

We were not satisfied with this advice and decided to call up QuickBooks tech support for a solution.
Enter, “Windows Parallels”. 

This software from Windows costs US $ 79.99 and when installed on a MacBook computer, allows one to load Windows compatible software’s on a Mac. 

We loaded the Windows Parallels software on the MacBook, and then loaded Windows 7 Pro OS on the MacBook. 

Then we loaded the QB Premier 2016 on the windows 7 platform and the client is able to switch between Windows OS and Mac OS without restarting his machine.

He can also backup and access the QuickBooks information and data on the Network Server from his Mac.

One more happy client.

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