Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Welcome 2016

By Farzana Rasheed

We had our first staff meeting for 2016. Despite the stresses, ups and downs, loss of some clients, financial crunches and banging heads with our Banks, we perked ourselves up for a first staff meeting. 

When running a business, there is no space to be pessimistic. You may have lost a deal, screwed up and lost a client and, struggle to pay bills and keep the engine running. Despite losses and the stress, one has to keep one's spirits up and re-engage with one's team, strategise, analyse and plan. 

I suppose it is all catching up with me and, I don't feel shy in describing the exhaustion in running a company in Liberia, of all places. 

So, here we were, getting together to welcome the new year in our hearts and minds and, encouraging ourselves to not give up and keep marching ahead. We have a good number of contracts and if we manage to retain them, we'll keep bagging more business. 

I am really quite happy with the team I have and, promise to keep nurturing, support and developing them. 

2016 will be an awesome year for NATC. I just know it!

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