Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Windows Phone error code 8007xxx while installing WhatsApp

By Haresh Karamchandani

I got an HTC Radar Windows Phone and wanted to download and install WhatsApp, a popular app that was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg for about US$6,000,000,000!!

I went to Marketplace and keyed in WhatsApp in search and easily found the download link. But when I hit download it would give an “error code 80073cf0”.

On doing an online search to find a solution I came across the following:
  1.  Update the phone,
  2.  Check the location and time settings,
  3.  Delete temporary memory,
  4.  Re-configure email account settings (in fact my phone showed “attention required” in the gmail email account that I has configured.)

I suspected the problem would be the “attention required” in the email account setting and got down to try and fix it. I tried advance settings, put in all the correct information in POP server, passwords, email account name, etc, but the windows phone kept giving the same ‘attention required’ error.

The worst issue was that I could not even delete out the account and re-configure another email account!! This was so frustrating.

Finally, the only option left was to do a factory reset on the phone and start all over again. I synchronized the phone, to save all my pictures and contacts and other data, to my computer using the Zune software and went ahead with the factory reset option.

Then I went into emails and account settings and created a new “” id. This worked smoothly without any errors. Then I also could download the WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook and many other apps without any errors!!

Conclusion: Because it is a Windows Phone, Microsoft will not allow you to configure a gmail, yahoo, id. They actually FORCE you to register and configure a “” email id which I will not even be using!

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