Friday, 26 December 2014

Getting ready for an internet installation job in Zwedru

We came back from Christmas and, have had a hectic morning preparing for a project in Zwedru: setting up internet services across three offices. See background below:

An existing client requested us to give them a proposal for Internet services at their Zwedru offices. At the same time another existing client requested us for internet at their Zwedru offices and Guest House. This was a great co-incidence and we put on our thinking caps.

We came up with a plan:

Install a V-sat at Client “A” offices and extend the network via Micro Tik wireless microwave to Client " B "'s office and Client "A"'s Guest House complex.

This way the cost could be shared and the client could enjoy more bandwidth across the entire network!

We sent our senior technician to do a site survey in Zwedru and he reported the Geographical Coordinates and elevation. The distance between the sites was less than 2 kms and this was a workable plan since the Micro-Tik could extend up to 5 kms.

We prepared a detailed proposal to both clients, offering FREE V-sat equipment, and clinched the deal.

The contract has been signed, and our expert technicians are already on the ground working hard to get the installation completed before end of 2014. We have promised the client that they will be online before the beginning of 2015.

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