Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Blog Post for End of Year

by Daniel Collins
Dear reader,
I am so delighted to write my post as an IT technician working here. I joined NATC on June 8 2012 and since then, it has been a growing experience for me on a daily basis.
With the small team we have, issues are handled smoothly and professionally. For every step I move forward with and confidence I found in myself, I must appreciate our hard working Head of Operations, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Head of IT. Your support and encouragement has brought me thus far.
During the beginning of this year, there was a lot of UPS and DOWN. Business was slowing down, contracts/projects were terminated and other interferences due to low budget from our clients' side. Working hard in covering up these gaps, an outbreak of a deadly disease (Ebola) suddenly shows up. 
But at the end of the year, we have got new jobs and there is lots more in the pipeline.
I will like to share with few interesting stories working on site. One afternoon, I got a call from the Head of Operations instructing me to quickly go on one of our client’s site and solve the end-user problem. According to him, she WAS seeing a water sign on her laptop screen which she did not remember drinking near her office desk or taking her laptop at home. I arrived on site, asked the user, ‘’Can you switch the laptop on so I can see what’s wrong’’. The laptop was powered on; this was what displayed with icons on the screen.
She was shocked when I explained what this was and how she changed her desktop background and she was convinced.
After a few months, on my way to office I got a call from another person saying ‘’Daniel, I am trying to print an urgent document and the printer is giving an error message. (Printer properties cannot be displayed, the print spooler service is not running) Please help me this is very urgent’’! I phoned my Head of Operations on this before going on. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the printer’s driver but still could not work until I came up with the following.
These are the steps to follow:
1)    Hold the Start key and type R and hit Enter
2)    In the dialog box, type Services.msc click on it in the dialog box
3)    Find the Printer Spooler and double click on it in the dialog box

       4) You will see a Stop button. Stop the Service for while

5) The next step is very important. Go to the Recovery Tab and change the First and Second failure value to Restart the Service under Recovery Tab and type OK. Find the image below.
6) Make sure the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) shows in the Dependencies Tab then leave it until next step is complete.
7) Now start the Print Spooler Service again by doing this and click OK below.

Now RESTART your machine, and you are done.
Once again I like to say many thank the management (NATC) for the tireless efforts and supports given us (Staff) here. It takes a management to do so. Words are inadequate to say if I sit and write out. But your leadership ability is always remembered even if I leave NATC one day. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to come.

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