Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Completed Networking Job at the Ministry of Lands Minds and Energy

Contributed by Daniel Collins

NATC recently completed a networking job at the Ministry of Lands Minds and Energy (see earlier post) which we started back in February. The project involved networking two training halls, two offices and a server room. Due to power fluctuations and changing of plans from the client's management, the job lasted for more than a month.

The first hall carried 30 data points/wall boxes while the second hall carried 25. The two offices carried 3 data points each.

With instruction from our Head of IT (Jonathan Barwon), I was assigned in one of the halls to terminate 25 data points/wall boxes on the floor.

We made a total number of 55 drop down cables for their desktops. In the Sever room, we mounted the Sever rack where the Cisco VPN router, 24&48 Ports Cisco switch, Power On Ethernet box (POE) and the Server was configured and setup.

A Cisco router was configured and mounted in the two training halls for Wi-Fi signal.

During this job, I was also attending to client calls and conducting maintenance as well.

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