Friday, 9 August 2013

Some jobs I did

By Tauseef Ahmad

It's been a few months since I've been at NATC and would like to share some of the jobs I've been involved in:

Fake toner cartridges

On a rainy day, we went to site diagnose a faulty HP CP 2025, a laser printer, which was not printing clearly i.e. it had smudge marks. Nickson and I arrived on site and to find that the printer was very dusty and needed to be serviced. We separately serviced each part i.e. the scanning unit, fuser unite, and image transfer belt. This immediately resulted in better print outs. However, there was still a yellow smudge. Further checks revealed that there were fake toner cartridges in the printer. Fake toner cartidges often start leaking ink and can damage the image transfer belt. We were on site for 2 hours.

Relocating an intercom

We received a call from one of our new clients: one of the intercom telephone extension was not working as the cable connection was faulty and may have broken somewhere. The only way to resolve this problem was to replace the cable completely from the PABX unit to the wall outlet of the user.

We decided that instead of running a long cable all the way from the user’s desk to the PABX room which would have to be done externally it would be more neat to extend a cable from the conference room located very close to the user.  

Then our first target was to test and get the conference room line activated. We checked one by one the connection with the PABX and at last we have a tone in our conference room telephone.

Then we ran a Cat6 cable to connect from the conference room line to Desk 6 where we needed to activate the connection. We installed the cable neatly and made a new wall connection for the user on Desk No. 6. The phone is working now.

The user was allocated the exact same original extension number.

Daniel gets a new laptop!

We recently received a 'condemned' laptop from our US office. Since diagnosis fees can be higher in the US, our colleague told us the laptop was ours in case we could diagnose and repair it! The plan was to repair the laptop for our trainee, Daniel. I turned on the laptop but the internal and external screens didn't come on. I checked the parts and found a faulty IC in the VGA section. Luckily, I could harvest this part from one of our motherboards. I replaced the faulty IC and the laptop came on! It was as good as new and, now Daniel has his own work station!

Downgrading the OS

We were to supply a new Lenovo H505S desktop to one of our clients that came pre-loaded with Windows 8. however the client requested Windows 7. I was stuck - how would I boot from the CD-ROM? After some trouble shooting, I found that the exact location in bios from where to change the boot options. We ran Windows 7 Ultimate but we needed to also install the system's drivers. We had to download them. The VGA driver was 172 MB and the audio one was 140 MB. We downloaded and installed all of them. We also installed Office 2010.

After all the work we did and delivered the desktop, the next morning, the client told us that they need at least a 2 Ghz processor to run their accounting software.


We repeated the whole process with a new desktop with a 2.5 Ghz processor!

It's the fuser!

We received a call about a faulty Canon LR 2018 Printer which was not printing. The error code was 007 which is a fuser issue. I found that the fuser film and element were burnt. I replaced the parts and the printer was printing normally!

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