Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Update on Naomi Meh - "Help NATC Save a Life"

Dear friends,

As you know, NATC sponsored the medical treatment of a young Liberian woman, Naomi Zeinabu Meh, by sending her to India. The girl was suffering from acute pain and given the pure lack of medical care in country, it was not clear what was wrong with her. She even had a leg amputated unnecessarily by doctors at Firestone Hospital. We knew Naomi as an employee of NLTC (NATC's predecessor) and seeing her awful condition decided to send her to India for diagnosis so at least to figure out what was wrong with her. Naomi was sent to India in October and has undergone diagnosis and treatment. 

We blogged about the case "Help NATC Save a Life" previously and sought contributions from friends and community members. 

We are pleased to inform you that NATC has finally managed to pay off the remaining hospital fees and have brought Naomi Zeinabu Meh safely back to Liberia on 21 March. The total  hospital bill was 510,000 Indian Rupees (USD 10,250.00) and we managed to pay off almost all of it although there is a pending amount of 70,000 Rupees (USD 1,400.00). Naomi was discharged from the hospital after Haresh's daughter, Ms. Kamna, signed a personal bond. We also spent USD 2,500.00 on her travel expenses. 

A local Mumbai pharmacy (Bandra Medical) donated the medications just before Naomi left India which was worth USD 120.00. These are medicines to be taken for long-term. 

Copies of the Discharge Card from Nanavati Hospital, Dr Barve's Report as well as various receipts are available on request.

Naomi was in India for a total of 5 months during which - as you can see from the reports -  Naomi was given extensive medical treatment for the TB and radio therapy for the carcinoma (the tumour in her pelvic region). The doctors have advised excision of the tumour at a later stage when her lung condition permits and when the finances are available. 

Noami visited us in the office last week and she really looks much healthier and she told me she is in much less pain. 

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for the moral and financial support you gave us without which we would not have been able to see this through. 

If you would like to ask us any more information, please feel free to do so. Let's hope that Liberia's state of medical care improves. 


Farzana and Haresh

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