Friday, 29 March 2013

Good news on a Good Friday

By Farzana Rasheed

We started the day with some good news:

Our Janitor made it to the client's site with the modem in tact! We did not receive the confirmation until 9 AM this morning. Apparently, even after leaving at midday yesterday, they were only 1 hour away from camp at midnight. But because of rain and the time of the night, they took cover and only reached the camp (about 2 hours away from Zwedru) by mid morning. Phew!

Our technician was able to get the client back online in the next couple of hours. Phew!

We also received news that our newly-recruited hardware expert from Pakistan finally boarded his flight to Liberia. Phew! He could not board his previous flight since he was being harassed by the immigration officials which made him miss his flight. Arriving via Dubai, he will be in Monrovia on Saturday, 30 March. We are really looking forward to his arrival and, being able to offer much more professional hardware repair services. 

The good news equals at least two dozen sighs of relief. 

We wish everyone a good weekend. 

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