Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Goals for 2013!

By Haresh Karamchandani

We are already in late March 2013 and I have not yet keyed in my “Goals” for 2013!

Not that I do not have goals, as the Head of Operations of New Africa Technology Company, I always set goals and ensure that they are achieved. Keying in this blog post has been delayed due to a variety of reasons. But, better late than never, so here goes:

Here are my goals for 2013: (I agree with the goals of our CEO and will not duplicate them here)
  • Goal No 1: Import goods by the container load, by sea and not by air. This will ensure that we save a lot of money on freight costs and also lower our ultimate cost of goods and supplies to our clients. We have achieved this goal already and as I key in this blog our first 20’ FCL is in the Monrovia Freeport awaiting customs clearance. We need to import at least 1x20’ container every 2 months in 2013. We must ensure that we always have stock of regular goods like genuine toners, laptops, desktops, printers, software, routers, switches, and network cables.
  • Goal No 2: Expand our scope of inventory and sales items - We need to make NATC a one stop shop for IT supplies in Liberia. We need to be different from the stores and vendors in and around Monrovia. We need to stock up on regular office supplies and ensure that they are of highest quality, most competitively priced, up to date and original. My goal is to build and expand our storage space in our loft style office and increase display capacity. We need to cater to daily office needs of our regular clients and also try and attract new clientele.
  • Goal No 3: Get a new 15-20 KVA generator for the office to ensure that the 2 x 24,000 BTU air-conditioners work even if we do not have LEC (Liberia Electricity Corporation).
  • Goal No 4: Purchase a motor vehicle for day to day transport and deliveries.
  • Goal No 5: Appoint a new Hardware Engineer.
  • Goal No 6: Travel to South Sudan and set up a NATC branch in the newest country on the planet.
  • Goal No 7: Continue to provide most competitive goods and excellent services to our existing clients and future clients

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