Monday, 4 March 2013

Goals: 2013

Contributed by Farzana Rasheed

After being away for almost 5 months on maternity leave, it is really good to be back. I enjoy being back at work along with my new baby who joins me at the office every day.

Having been away for so long, I am eager to work hard towards certain goals and, get NATC to the next level this year. There is certainly an urgency and enthusiasm to my thought process. 

So, here are my goals for 2013 in my capacity as CEO:
  1. Hire an international IT professional to manage and improve our IT services and, to head and guide our local team of IT technicians. Aim to have an IT Department of 2 senior technicians and 5 junior technicians. 
  2. Improve our in-house diagnosis and repairs. 
  3. Reach a target of 10 maintenance and service contracts. 
  4. Explore ways to improve our maintenance and service contracts and, ensure clients are thoroughly satisfied.
  5. Improve internal processes in order to achieve efficiency!
  6. Do a better job at communicating with clients and acquiring their feedback.
  7. Bag at least 5 more V-SAT contracts.
  8. Open a fully operational NATC branch in Buchanan.
  9. Encourage a dynamic company culture at NATC. 
  10. Continue to record and capture our progress, memorable moments and challenges through social media including this blog. 
These goals will help us to achieve NATC's vision of delivering world-class IT services to Liberia. For that to truly become a reality, we need to build NATC as a solid company that has the talent and competence in terms of our technical team. We need to continue to emphasise rules and processes and, always follow them to the letter even at the risk of becoming a little bureaucratic! At the same time, we need to enjoy what we do and, build a company culture that is very sure of it's purpose and identity. And, lastly we need to get more business!

Liberia is not the easiest place to live and work, much less trying to own and run a successful business. But I love the challenge and look forward to achieving my dream. 

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