Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Latest Loft Pictures

Here are some pictures of work done this last Sunday, 5 February. We are in the final stages and should be moving into the new premises this week. 

The floor has been finally finished and is breathtakingly-beautiful, the piece de resistance of the whole space. It is a solid wooden floor that will, in the words of our designer, last us for the next couple of decades and only become more beautiful over time.  

Haresh Karamchandani's original design was slightly altered but it still gives off an intricate design - with 3 diamonds. 

The work that was accomplished on Sunday involved applying a wood sealant, followed by smoothing by sand papering, and then spraying a final varnish. This process was repeated twice and the final finish is quite spectacular. The final look has multiple shades of reds, browns and yellows. It will be a pleasure to have this floor. 

Meanwhile, nearly all the electrical, plumbing and final-painting is done. In fact, we are hoping this will be finished by today, Monday, 6 February. 

We will then proceed to installed the main glass door, the work bench for the tech area, and two more display counters. 

Our LEC connection should also come on this week.

We are hoping to move in this week and have an inauguration ceremony a week or ten days after that. 

NATC will really have arrived with the most unique office in town. 

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