Monday, 20 February 2012

First Week at the Loft

We have completed one week at the loft and we absolutely love it. Below are pictures taken during this first week:

View of the Admin Area

Head of Operations, Haresh Karamchandani, at his desk

View of the Admin Area

Tech Area which we are especially proud of in terms of the design. The space is going to be used for diagnosis and repairs. We installed a fibre work counter along the wall with a sufficient number of electrical outlets right above the counters to make it easier to plug in hardware. There's also a glass cabinet to store spare parts. Lastly, we mounted some old desktop monitors on the walls as a decorative feature and we think it looks amazing. 

Long view of the loft that shows the wooden floor and the genuine cartridges' stock on the right. 

The central office clock on the green wall which is the bathroom block,
above which we also built a storage space. This view also shows how effective
the hanging ceiling lights were in adding to the overall design. 

CEO's office where special guests are
served espresso coffee (from our Nespresso 

machine) or Earl Grey tea

The conference room

Our smiling and motivated staff in the Tech Area

Our Head of Operations on the phone to UPS!
See our blog post Shipping News.

CEO's bird eye view
CEO, Farzana Rasheed

Preparing one of our 2 signboards - one will go on Randall Street and the smaller one to be mounted right outside our main entrance door. 

At NATC all staff played an active part in preparing the sign board. The polyvinyl printed
artwork is being carefully rolled onto a fibre glass sheet.


  1. Thanks Cheeps. Our mental vision of ourselves has finally caught up and, now we look as fabulous as we think we are. It's such a pleasure to sit and work in a modern and funky office. And I hope it'll show our current and potential clients that we are serious about image and are here to stay.