Thursday, 23 February 2012

Joining an IT Company in Liberia

Contributed by Guillaume Foutry

Last week I started working at NATC (New Africa Technology Company). I think my situation is a startling example of how globalised the world is: I am French, living in Liberia, working for a local IT company run by an Indian man and a Pakistani woman. This is my first job in Liberia and Africa, and I am quite excited to learn more about the IT environment here, but also on how to do business in Liberia.

Liberia is changing fast: an ever-growing number of foreign companies are investing in the country, new infrastructures are being built and the GDP is growing at a 9% rate every year. So a lot of opportunities are here for the taking for industrious and capable business people.

Haresh and Farzana, the people behind NATC, fall into that category: I have been really surprised by their resourcefulness, ingenuity and resilience. That is one of the reasons why I joined the company, but another one is its potential: NATC is specialised in network services, IT supplies and maintenance and repairs. And from what I heard talking to people here and there, opportunities are plentiful in that field.

By now you are wondering: “What does Guillaume do at NATC?”. Well I am in charge of the marketing and account management, getting the company to improve its processes to provide even better service to its existing customers and acquire new ones.

I strongly invite you to stop by at our new office on Randall St, behind Monroe Chicken to get to know more about the company and see how we can help you and your organisation.

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