Saturday, 11 June 2016

Antivirus Configuration on the Server

Hello Everyone I am going to talk about how to install and configure Antivirus on your workstation that are not Domain platform or Domain network so that the workstation can update Antivirus on your client computer or your Clients computer can get update from your workstation.  This platform and setup is very good because it help cause less bandwidth consumption on your network.   During my work on one of our client site, I was able to setup a files sharing Server and all the clients’ computers are getting Antivirus update from the server without internet access. This is what I did for the client:

   A.  Antivirus Configuration on the Server   

1.    I installed Antivirus   on the windows Server  and all the Clients computer or users computer   
2.    I created a folder with the name AV Update in C drive of the server, in that folder is where the server will storing  all the AV update that it will get from internet or Antivirus server.     
3.    On the server, I open the Antivirus and, click on setting in Antivirus.   
4.    In setting of Antivirus  I click on update   
5.    In the update settings I checked in the box of copy update to folder and browse to the (AV) Antivirus folder that I created in the C drive of the Server.     

B.   Configuration setting for all the clients computers   

1.    After installing the Antivirus on the entire clients or users computer.   
2.    I Clicked on Schedule tasks and went  to update     
3.    In update, I went  to setting and clicked on Source   
4.    In update source setting, I went to add and added the update source by Browsing for the server on the internet and browse for the (AV) Antivirus Update folder that was created in the C drive of the server.     
5.    After  that  Clicked ok and save the configuration     

Note:  you can also use this configuration for any windows Operating System. This is working for the client and it can also work for you.   Watch out for my next blog post on how to configure WSUS.   

Thanks   By: Jonathan Barwon            

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